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Pile driver for concrete and steel posts!

Plury equipped with the grapple (Log Grapple) is the optimal solution for driving wooden posts with a pile driver, but thanks to the kits that can be mounted on the Log Grapple, it is also possible to drive concrete and steel posts!

These additional kits allow for driving posts made of more 'delicate' materials that may suffer damage during driving.

Let's see what our grapple needs to carry out this specific task:

KIT 1 - Rubber Buffers

These rubber buffers allow the pole to be gripped on the rubberized part without chipping or even breaking it (concrete would be easily prone to breakage if squeezed with metal claws). Additionally, these two buffers are equipped with bearings at their attachment to the claws, allowing for the leveling of the pole itself by leveraging the force of gravity.

KIT 2 - Pilot drill bit and KIT 3 - Rubber buffer for bell (BELL)

KIT 2 is the so-called pilot drill bit, suitable for making an initial hole in grounds that are more hostile, hard, and difficult to drive directly with the post. By initially drilling with the pilot drill bit, it will be possible to subsequently insert the post into the hole made and then complete the task by striking with the bell placed beneath the Log Grapple. The bell, equipped with KIT 3 (a high-wear-resistant rubber buffer), allows for forcefully driving the post into the ground without risking damage to the concrete post.

Photo of a construction site in progress with posts driven in using Plury and Log Grapple.

A video of the process sent directly from the customer! Enjoy watching!


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