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Malaguti srl produces and exports all kinds of excavator equipment all over the world, from compacting the soil, to drilling and driving piles for the construction and foundations sector, passing through to the forestry sector with stump grinders and drilling augers. Malaguti srl offers a wide range of equipment for the earthmoving sector.


Officine Malaguti was founded in 1969 by the then owner Gaetano Malaguti, who after 20 years of work experience in a mechanical industry, having acquired technical-operational and personnel management skills, decided to set up his own company in Sant'Agata Bolognese (Bologna).

Years go by and the regular and constant growth of the company also fascinates his son Ivan, still the owner today, who thanks to the notions handed down from his father, manages to expand his market by rigorously increasing the production of MALAGUTI branded items, maintaining their quality . and solidity that have made MALAGUTI a stable and solid company on the market for over 50 years.

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It is impossible to talk about Malaguti nowadays, without mentioning the current SALES DIRECTOR GIORGIO CANGINI: after a fruitful meeting in 2019 with Ivan Malaguti, owner of the company, the volcanic entrepreneur kicks off an internal reorganization of the company supporting them with smart commercials and inserting a marketing and a design office. The results of his efforts are tangible: the company has doubled its turnover and is still growing. Malaguti follows a simple but ambitious philosophy, which revolves around these cornerstones: high range, quality and versatility of products and services, attention to detail in projects, and attention to the needs of the reference sectors. The company aims to anticipate the needs of the world of work and to provide its customers with the greatest possible satisfaction; a concrete action plan that has led Malaguti to establish itself solidly both on the national and international markets, well beyond Europe.


By combining the versatility and reliability of its products with an eye for new technologies and new emerging challenges, Malaguti presents itself as a brand that has all it takes to go even further.

For this reason, the company always reserves the right to evaluate new partnerships, different types of market, and opportunities for applying already well-established techniques within new sectors.

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