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Stump grinder TORNADO + Support Foot

Our range of Malaguti equipment for earthmoving machines is extensive and diverse, allowing operation in various fields while always relying on the quality and reliability of the company.

An example of such versatility is represented by a flagship product in the Malaguti range, highly appreciated by those operating in the forestry sector.

We are talking about a stump grinder for excavators, with a name that promises efficiency and executive speed: Tornado.

The Tornado stump grinder is equipped with several features, including: a direct drive system with piston engine, ensuring maximum cutting speed and, consequently, excellent productivity and efficiency; durable tungsten teeth. It can be mounted not only on excavators but also frontally, thanks to the frontal attachment, allowing its use with machines such as skid loaders, mini skid loaders, mini wheel loaders, milling quickly even in hard-to-reach areas thanks to the possibility of swinging the gear wheel from side to side to gradually penetrate the stump until its complete elimination.

The Tornado stump grinder can also mount a special foot (Support Foot), essential support for moving with the spider excavator.


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