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The Plury project was born in Malaguti to satisfy the need on site regarding versatility and speed of execution. 

In a world that is moving ever faster where increasingly shorter timescales are required with always top performance, the Plury project takes shape mainly in the field of vibrocompaction and vibrodriving. 

Plury is a vibration drive, with unique versatility, capable of compacting, pre-drilling, vibro-driving and cutting with the same vibrating body, simply changing the tools according to the needs on the construction site. 

The project was born in 2021 by Giorgio Cangini, the new commercial director who, with years of experience and passion in the world of earthmoving, studies and brings to life this project which is taking positions and is increasingly establishing itself in the various types of market, from the road and construction sector to the agricultural and forestry sector, to then move on to foundations and pilings. 


The powerful, light, and compact Plury can currently be equipped with 13 accessories, but we are already working to expand the range of mountable tools, always guaranteeing maximum functionality and effectiveness. Starting from the classic vibrating plate, we move on to the grapple for driving wooden piles, compacting wheels, clamps for the vibro-driving of sheet piles, clamps for H-beams, pre-hole drill bits, plates and wheels of various widths always to satisfy the various construction site needs. 

Plury is currently available in a wide range of tonnages ranging from the smallest, the W1 9.0 which can be mounted on 1 ton excavators up to the most powerful (at the moment), the W2 180.0 which can reach up to 40 ton excavators. 

It can be mounted both on excavators and with front attachment on skids.


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